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Bullet Journal Pages to Simplify Your Wedding Planning (WITH FREE PDF DOWNLOAD)

What is a bullet journal?

Bullet journals are artistic organizational tools that can help you reach your goals. Bullet journals can be as fancy or plain as you'd like and there's A LOT of free page designs out there on the internet for you to peruse. I thought I'd put together a couple pages that will help you plan for your big day this week and highlight some of the best pages I've seen on Instagram so far. All of the art in this post (unless otherwise stated) was made by Marketing Intern Christina (me) and I hope you find these pages interesting enough to download for free below!

Page #1: A Vendor List

You need a way to keep track of the many, many vendors you'll be trusting with the minute details of your wedding day. This layout, though simple, is an easy way to keep track of who your vendors are, how you can contact them, and how much money you have paid them and will pay them for their services. If you'd like to get more detailed than this, you could add space for notes, a column for payment due dates, a space for appointment times, and more! The beauty of a bullet journal is the fact that you can make it as simple or complex as you want and need!

Page #2: A Countdown to the Big Day

This is a cute way to count down the last days of your single life! In fact, you could use this layout for any event in your life, as long as you love flowers! Color in one petal every day until the big event. The first flower has been numbered for you, but you can fill in the other flowers how you'd like!

Page #3: A Way to Play with Your Color Choices

Are you unsure of what colors to use for your wedding or still trying to nail the makeup look you want for your big day? This is the page to help you organize your makeup, flower, and dress color choices and make the perfect decision! Use your real makeup on this page if you'd like to see the exact shades together. Your florist will help you with color palettes and flower choices, but it's always good to play with ideas before and after you meet with them.

You can download all three of these gorgeous bullet journal pages for free below:

Bridal Bouquet Builder Bullet Journal Pa
Download • 1.36MB

More Pages!

From the Guest List to the Playlist, these Instagram artists have organizational excellence in store for you!

@ainah_fortes has an adorable bullet journal video on her Instagram profile at

In fact, she has a plethora of bullet journal page designs you should check out! They're for everyone from the most organized bride to the messiest bride!

@midwest.journal combined Pinterest timelines to make a well-organized timeline to your wedding day!

@bujowithbesties Has a great visualization for your budget!

Check out #weddingbulletjournal for a variety of ideas! The possibilities are endless.

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